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Art. 16. Spot reviews  
1. A person authorized by the Board of Directors of the Depository may carry out investigations in the form of spot reviews in the departments of the members as per Art.6 responsible for trading in securities. Prior to the review, the authorized person should present his/her power of attorney for performing the review, defining the scope and subject of the review.

2. The persons shall have the right to review documentation kept at the department under investigation and the right to request oral information from the employees of this department. The statements of the persons who give the information must be put into a written record prepared in two copies – one for the Central Depository and one for the internal control office.

3. After completion of the review, the results from the review should be summarized in a report. The report should be signed by the person carrying out the investigation and either an employee of the department under investigation or a person authorized by him/her.

4. The conclusions in the report shall serve as basis for making a decision by the Board of Directors of the Depository regarding imposition of sanctions to the member under investigation or serve as basis for further recommendations.

5. On the basis of the report from the investigation completed, the Depository shall inform the Commission of Financial Supervision and the Stock Exchange about variances discovered during the investigations or about problems arising in the process of their elimination as well as for the decisions taken by the Board of Directors of the Central Depository with regard to them, within a 3 (three) day term after finding the violations.