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Art. 37. Delivery of Securities  
1. Delivery versus payment: transfer of funds from the buyer’s account to seller’s account and the transfer of securities from seller’s account into buyer’s account shall be carried out simultaneously.

2. Free Delivery

2.1. Sale registration (debiting) in the securities account of the seller/transferor and crediting the securities account of buyer/transferee with the respective amount of securities shall be affected according to the procedure specified, simultaneously.

2.2. The parties of the transaction shall arrange the payment details between themselves.

3. Registration of transactions with securities shall be performed on the basis of:

3.1 for transactions on regulated markets – upon receiving of information from the regulated market;

3.2. For transactions on unregulated markets – upon receiving of correct information by the transaction parties through the investment intermediary.

4. Transactions shall be considered closed after fulfillment of the activities under p. 1 and

p. 2.1 specified above and in compliance with Enclosure 07/E07 and Enclosure 23/E23.