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Art. 5. Technical requirements  
securities registration system, securities transactions and settlement.

2. All members shall be obliged by the Depository to observe specific procedure of exchanging information and the Depository may give instructions to the members in regard to each of the means of exchanging information. The means of exchanging of information shall be regulated by these Rules and Regulations and the procedures thereto.

3. The Central Depository shall establish the rules and standards of communication with the members, including electronic exchange of data and messages. All electronic messages and notifications sent by the Depository shall have unconditional effect upon members.

4. The Central Depository shall have the right to require submission of hard copy documents from the members at all times.

5. It is a requirement of the Depository that every member ensures a fast and secure way of information exchange between the member and the Depository as follows:

5.1. the establishment of Messenger Department to ensure the information exchange between the Depository and the member on disks and hard copy;

5.2. The availability of at least two telephone lines for email communication, whereas one of them should be available at all times during business hours in order to ensure the information exchange with the Depository.

6. It is a requirement of the Depository that its members ensure a secure way of keeping records and preserving information on the activity of the member regarding the Depository as follows:

6.1. daily archiving of all documents and messages on hard copy and disks in respect of the activities of the member regarding the Depository provided during the respective working day;

6.2. Storage and maintenance of the archives in such way that ensures access during reviews on the part of the Depository within a particular working day.

6.3. The archives of the documents under p.6.1 and p.6.2 shall be kept with the Depository member who bears full responsibility of its preservation.

7. Fulfillment of the obligations pursuant to Art.5, p.5 and p.6 shall be declared by the member applicants.