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Art. 9. Functions of the Depository Members  
1. Depositing of Securities – opening and maintaining of accounts with the Central Depository for securities owned by the member and his clients in case the member is an investment intermediary or managing company.

2. Investment intermediation – performing activities within the scope of the license/permit granted.

3. Underwriting of issues – shall be performed by a member of the Depository, provided that it has the license of an investment intermediary which:

3.1. Manage on representative principle a deposit account of an issuer or a person offering securities for public offering according an agreement of securities underwriting;

3.2. Manage its own deposit account by securities of an issuer or a person who offers securities for public offer according an agreement of securities underwriting, offered on the primary market or during initial public offering.

4. Representation – shall be performed by a member of the Depository in order to fulfill financial and other obligations of the issuer towards the holders of the securities and towards Central Depository AD:

5. Custodian – managing customer securities and money with a depository institution and the relevant services as managing of the deposited money/provided collaterals. In respect of the securities and funds on these accounts, the function of investment intermediation can be performed by other member of the Depository which has a license of an investment intermediary.

6. Managing company – performing the activities in compliance with Chapter ХVІІІ of LPOS and the scope of the permit provided by the Commission for Financial Supervision.