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Enclosure 30(E30) – Registration and transaction of securities for which special terms and restrictions shall apply in regard to their transfer.  



1. Issue of securities for which special terms and restrictions shall apply in regard to their transfer /restricted securities/, shall be registered in Central Depository under the procedure specified in Enclosure 2/E02/ of Rules and Regulations of Central Depositor. In such cases the company – issuer shall submit additional Statement Form 01(E30) , which shall include:

· The condition that for the transfer of the securities and transactions with the seucities special terms and restricitions shall apply, shall be explicitly indicated therein;

· Order for blocking of the securities issue until the next order for transfer of shares according to the terms and requirements stipulated in Articles and Association and the internal regulations of the company;

· Instruction by the representative of the company which person (persons) are authorized to make the order /the instruction content shall be according Order Form 1б enclosed/ to the Depository for performing transactions with and transfers of shares of the company. 3.1 Statement Form 01(E30) shall be signed by the representative of the company – issuer or a person explicity authorized by him. In case the statement is signed by the authorized person, it shall be provided together with an explicit power of attorney with notary certification of the signature of the authorizing party. The statement Form 1а and all other documents shall be provided together with a certified declaration-spesimen of the empowered person (persons) who shall sign the order for unblocking and transfer of shares.

2. Central Depository shall register the securities issue within 10 /ten/ working days after receipt of the whole set of documents required for the securities registration. After registration of the issue, Central Depository shall issue Act of Registration and depository receipts of the shareholders.


Transfer of restricted shares shall be performed through an investment intermediary or registration agent.

3.1 Ordered transfer of restricted shares through the system of Central Depository shall be executed under the standard procedure but only after submission in the Central Depository of a letter from the investment intermediary of Seller or from the registration agent together with order from the company – issuer in original /Order Form 02(E30) for transfer of securities signed by the empowered person under p.І.1.

3.2 After compiling the documents under p.І.1. by the investment intermediary/ registration agent, he shall send to Central Depository system an electronic message for transfer of the particular shares as specified in the order from the company – issuer.

3.3 The securities in this order from the company-issuer /Order Form 1b/ and in the electronic message sent by the investment intermediary for transfer, shall be specified by number, nominal value, ISIN code and holder whose personal data shall also be specified therein. Central Depository shall unblock and transfer only the number of securities as specified in the order provided that there is absolute correspondence between the data in the company’s order and the data in the transfer entered in the system of Central Depository.