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Enclosure 9(E09) – Fulfillment of Applications from Investment intermediary/Registration Agent for printing of depository receipts (DR)  

1. All DR shall be printed in the Central Depository and shall be issued only to the amount of the total balance of a particular securities account.

2. Applications for printing of DR may be submitted by:

2.1. Registration agents – for personal accounts of physical persons and legal entities, according to Procedure 5/05.

2.2. Investment intermediaries - for their personal or client accounts. The applications for DR for securities, subject of a transaction on which the settlement process is not completed yet, shall be rejected by the system.

3. The intermediaries and the registration agents shall obligatory collect and keep the old DR. For any lost old DR their holders shall fill in a free-style statement in writing which shall be kept with Investment intermediary/Registration Agent.

4. DR shall be printed by the Central Depository automatically, on the grounds of a message МТ599 received. Central Depository shall submit back a message МТ597 with information whether the message is accepted for processing by the Central Depository system.

5. Received messages for printing DR shall be processed according to the time schedule of the Central Depository with the last process of the day. After completion of the processing the Central Depository system shall submit a data file to the respective Investment intermediary/Registration Agent containing information for the applications which are fulfilled and the rejected ones as well as the reasons for their rejection. 6. DR printed after the processing under p3.1 shall be submitted with the Central Depository against signature on the next business day after 2 p.m.